Adult’s Eye Care

It is recommended that most adults have their eyes examined at least once every 2 years. In some cases more frequent exams may be advised. An eye examination isn’t just about testing if glasses are required, many health conditions affecting both general and ocular health can be detected during an eye examination. Certain conditions such as diabetes can affect the eye and regular exams allow monitoring for ocular changes.

Children’s Eye Care

For many children eye examinations are recommended every year. Sometimes a basic screening is provided at school, but a more comprehensive assessment is provided by visiting an opticians. As with adults, an eye examination can detect eye or general health conditions that you may currently be unaware of. Some children fail to complain if they have a problem with their eyes or their vision, this makes having an eye exam doubly important in the younger age group. While an adult may just suffer headaches when not wearing required glasses, children can suffer long lasting visual problems from not having the correct glasses. Headaches and problems focusing can severely impact a childs ability to concentrate and have an impact on their education.


Being an independent practice we are able to deal with many different manufactures in order to offer our patients frames and lenses to suit all budgets, styles and lifestyles. We have a range of FREE NHS complete spectacles for those entitled to an NHS optical voucher (see here). Kids go FREE at Revolution Eyecare and we also have a wide range of children’s designer frames that start from just £9.00.

Contact lenses

Want a break from wearing glasses? We offer a full range of contact lenses to suit your needs.

At Revolution Eyecare Opticians we use only the highest quality contact lenses and fit them to your visual demands as well as your lifestyle needs. Modern contact lens design means we can successfully fit almost all patients with high performance lenses. With the plethora of disposable lenses now available, it is now easier than ever to find contact lenses to suit your individual needs and budget.


From simple nose pad, screw or side tip replacements to more sophisticated repairs that may require laser soldering, we can arrange repairs to all types of metal, plastic and rimless frames.